Welcome to! While I haven’t written in a blog of any sort for quite some time, I’ve decided to try and set up a permanent spot for all my varied interests and ramblings. For anyone who happens to stumble across this tiny site somehow, here are a few things about me to get you started:

I work in a library! Even though I spend a lot of my free time on my laptop, books will always be my favorite form of entertainment. I’ll probably be rambling mostly about young adult titles here, but I do occasionally read other genres. (Like really rarely though. Non-fiction? I have enough real life on a daily basis, thanks. Give me dragons or parallel universes.)

book and coffee mug

Secondly, I absolutely love traveling, so prepare to be inundated with posts about of some of the most fantastic and breathtaking places I’ve seen! It will probably be a bit Japan-heavy, however, as I’m sure you’ll understand. BECAUSE IT LOOKS LIKE THIS:

floating tori gate; miyajima, japanThe “floating” torii gate; Miyajima.

close up of deerFeeding the deer outside of Todaiji Temple; Nara.

okunoshima, japan (rabbit island)A quiet coast, Ōkunoshima Island.

And lastly, I’m obsessed with pugs. And that’s putting it mildly.

achievement unlocked

If that last photo doesn’t scare you off, then congrats, you might just be as weird as me! Grab yourself a cup of coffee and read on. ☕️